Peddie Bell
Peddie Bell

Centrient Pharmaceuticals

DSM and Sinochem, Carve-out, Bain Capital


Group CFO 


Centrient is the leading manufacturer of beta-lactam antibiotics APIs with global production facilities, sales >€450m and EBITDA >€80m.  


Victoria was engaged to support the CEO through the transition from corporate to Private Equity ownership, ensuring clear communication with the Shareholders, Board and Management team through the period of change, as well as the global finance team, and to support the wider management team in the early stages of the investment cycle.  


Key Achievements

  • Delivered a successful transaction close, including liasing with legal and active cash management, with a complex global funds flow and two week closing window
  • Partner to the CEO, to support him through the transition to PE ownership 
  • As part of the Executive Management Team created a new 5 year plan, determining key growth and financial objectives, implementation plans and milestones; including organisation redesign to create clarity if responsibilities and improved accountability
  • Refocussed the monthly reporting, to focus on KPIs, the underlying value drivers and data driven insight 
  • Accelerated and amended the reforecasting cycle, improving understanding and reducing workload
  • Managed set up of new Group holding structure and completion of the first consolidated year end audited accounts of the enlarged Group including PPA and IFRS implementation
  • Developed and implemented lender communication programme 
  • Reviewed and realigned the priorities of the finance teams, including bringing in additional experienced resource, and realigning from geographical silos to a single functional team
  • Implemented a Finance Transformation programme including controls assessment, fx review, working capital optimisation, ABC/ compliance, process improvement and system options