Peddie Bell
Peddie Bell

Chatham Financial


Director, Private Equity Relationships (Consultant)


Chatham Financial is a global financial risk management advisory firm, focussed on risks relating to fx, interest rates, commodities and inflation. 


Chatham was looking to materially increase its market penetration and revenue in Europe, in particular in the private equity community, and Victoria was hired to drive that strategy and growth. 


Key Achievements

  • Refocused Chatham’s service proposition for the private equity community and their portfolio companies increasing relevance to funds and management, diversifying and increasing revenue
  • Secured new private equity clients in EMEA, increasing clients numbers by 50%, delivering over 15% of 2016 Private Equity revenue and establishing a robust and growing revenue pipeline for 2017
  • Exceeded revenue goal by over 40%
  • Delivered a Fortune 500 (top 75) corporate as a client, with long term revenues and additional opportunities for growth
  • Increased CFO level engagement by making the service proposition relevant
  • Proved the scale of business development opportunity in Europe to the Board, resulting in increased investment in and focus on Europe
  • Energised the team to be more proactive