Peddie Bell
Peddie Bell

Wittur Gmbh

Bain Capital portfolio company


Group CFO


Wittur is a global leading producer and supplier of elevator components with turnover in excess of €700m and EBITDA >€100m. 


Victoria was interim CFO, with a specific focus on a number of strategic projects, and provided ongoing consulting services following the substantive CFO taking up post.  


Key Achievements

  • Costing and profitability analysis for two major tenders enabling the Board to approve pricing and negotiation tactics, and for the business to understand the financial impact if successful
  • Business review and 18 month development plan for specific region
  • Development of Global Account Plans for major clients in conjuction with the Key Account Managers, with a focus on actionable and measurable goals
  • FX Risk Management Strategy review – initial value at risk and risk tolerance assessment, assessment of the impact on the financial statements of any hedging strategy
  • Assessment of R&D spend, capitalisation and accounting treatment